Our Care Staff

Our Care Staff

We're really proud of our team of dedicated carers who look after our clients so well. They are committed to our clients, and often go the extra mile to make sure they are safe and happy. As a result, our clients build trust and close relationships with their regular carers, and our carers enjoy the time they spend with clients. Many have been carers previously and some come to us with other experience such as giving care to family members, so they have a deep appreciation of the personalised approach to care. 

Quality Care

Our ability to provide a successful service rests upon the quality of our care staff and the support they each receive from us. We recruit on aptitude and values and we provide all our carers with up-to-date and in-depth training.

Before our carers begin their care roles in the community, they are highly trained in personal care, moving and handling, medication, health & safety, food and nutrition, safeguarding and first aid.

Carers also attend talks and courses in specific areas such as Communicating with clients with Dementia and Palliative Care. Our carers are confident in dealing with other healthcare professionals looking after our clients, such as District Nurses, GPs, Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists.

Eva Solcani

“She is hard working, flexible, reliable and organised and a good team worker…”

Kelly Adams

“Her friendly and caring nature was a perfect match for caring and supporting my brother…“

A Match With Our Clients

When selecting care staff to deliver a service we look to carefully match them with the temperament and personality of the client, as well as their specific skills. Their attributes include:
  • The ability to act with integrity and to respect the privacy, dignity and individuality of each client.
  • Empathy with a client's situation and a positive attitude in promoting and encouraging their independence. 
  • Working with all the team, liaising with those other people providing assistance and communicating developments relating to a client's condition. 

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