Paying For Care

Paying For Care

There are a number of ways that care can be funded. Most of our services are paid privately, some are through Gloucestershire Social Services or through personal budgets (again through Social Services).

Navigating your way through the various benefits and funding options can be confusing at first. Feel free to contact us if you would like to talk these through and we will do our best to help you decide the best outcome.
The Care Advice Line is a free information and advice service for adults and carers in Gloucestershire. Click here or call 01452 22 22 00.

Private Funding

Most of our clients are privately funded. There are a number of ways in which private funding can be structured (through existing investments or assets for example), and although we cannot offer financial advice, we can provide direction to help you understand your options better.

Social Services funding

Social Services will visit your home, assess your needs, and if appropriate arrange care. The full cost of care may be provided, or people may be asked to make a contribution – depending on individual’s financial circumstances. However, the assessment and advice on funding options is provided free. The first step is to contact Social Services.

Personal budgets

A personal budget is a figure agreed by Social Services for the care needs of eligible individuals. Following the assesment (as above), Social Services may agree a personal budget which the individual can then spend as they wish on care. This gives control and flexibility to the individual receiving care, and means you can specify your needs and appoint your carer yourself.
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